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  • To be occupied. We advertise and market from the moment the property meets our standards for "rent ready" at a rental rate that is determined by a current competitive market analysis. Owners win because they are advised of highest and best rents and do not waste time pricing the house out of the market. Tenants win because they are offered at a quality product that meets the price point for their needs. 
  • Maintained by the Owner and well kept by the Tenant. We perform comprehensive property inspections. We note, and back up with pictures, the condition of the property. These inspections are shared with the Owner in real time via Owner Portal Access. Maintenance issues, such as peeling trim, sun damaged blinds and other normal wear and tear items will need to be addressed by the Owner in order to bring the property to Rent Ready condition. The Tenant will be required to maintain and return the property in the same condition when they move. 
  • Contracts that protect it, financially as well as physically. We use comprehensive contracts that detail obligations, responsibilities and legal requirements. We are extremely familiar with them and they are enforced. It makes life so much easier when the rules are the rules and everyone knows what is expected of themselves and what they can expect from others. To prevent hurt feelings, as special circumstances arise, we try to post our company position here on our “Solutions” page. Please review some of them to ensure our business practice is in keeping with how you would like your property managed.
  • Communication. This is a 24 hour town. E-mail allows you (Owner or Tenant) to contact us when it is convenient for YOU! It also provides a written confirmation of any actions or notices to help eliminate any misunderstandings. Any communication sent out regarding the property is also blind cc’d to the Owner. This insures you are completely aware of the condition of your investment, while allowing you to relax knowing any issues are being addressed and aware of the actions that are being taken.

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The expectations from an investment are quite different from buying a house to call your home. Understanding these differences, as well as financing options, tax implications, vesting etc... are all factors in the overall success of your portfolio. It pays to have someone working for you that understands your goals. A great price on a beautiful house may not mean much if the comps reflect a low monthly rental rate or the community has a record of lengthy vacancies. PRIOR to your purchase we would be happy to provide you with all the pros & cons of the options available. Rather than a traditional Real Estate transaction, investment property is a long term relationship and it has a much better success rate if everyone involved understands and shares your expectations.

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Our philosophy is simple. We work for the house. It's your INVESTMENT and the tenants HOME! For the house to be happy it needs:

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